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Where do I begin to describe the positive effects of "Reiki at a distance"? Well, after the laughter has subsided, (I chuckled at first too), the first thing to say is that it works for me, I can definitely say I felt an in-rush of energy from day one - and this made me take out a weekly subscription.

The other thing to bring up is why did I think I needed it in the first place? Well, fatigue, burnout, exhaustion, call it what you will - I had it! I was also a 20+ year veteran of clinical depression, and a relatively recent introductee to the joys of ankylosing spondylitis. Medication and conventional medicine had only partially ameliorating effects and I was too tired for anything other my work, and even then my stamina and pace were rapidly diminishing and my business ( was suffering.

Believe it or not I had already heard of "Reiki at a distance", because here in the UK a friend of a cousin of mine does Reiki over the phone! Yes it sounds silly at first, but I had anecdotal reports of people at the receiving end of "Reiki over the phone" saying things like "I can tell you've finished now". So when I saw the web advert for Anna's "Reiki with trust" I jumped in!

The Reiki is having an effect I did not anticipate: instead of boosting my energy to normal levels so that I could cope with work, what's happening is I'm re-evaluating parts of my emotional, business, and spiritual lives, in ways I did not think possible a few months ago, and as a consequence of THIS I have more energy, more money and more happiness.

One physical effect that deserves a special mention is the appearance of my tongue, which improved noticeably - for years I'd had these strange 'scallop' marks on the edges, but very shortly after the remote Reiki started these disappeared. That's a fact, and one that still astonishes me.

I know that scoffers will poo poo this just as much as they will laugh out of court 'water memory', but I just say we don't know everything and "they" laughed at Pasteur, Edison and Einstein. That last one may be particularly apt: if you are familiar with "spooky action at a distance" (quantum entanglement), it may help explain what's happening here - but regardless of all that, I urge people to try it and see what happens!

Paul Hunter

"The reiki raised my consciousness and directed me to a path of growth and attainment of  my personal goals."  

-Kathleen M. Caulfield

Email from Singapore

The greatness in me salutes the greatness in you.

Dear Anna,
I would like to thank you again with a big, big thank-you. It was most kind of you to help. My Dad says he is feeling a whole lot less uncomfortable and that in itself is very helpful.
I will definitely refer my friends to your website and I hope you have a lot of success with your Reiki Practice.

Vielen Danke,


2 emails concerning a Reiki session for a very ill cat.


(1) Thank you very much.  I know tiger benefited from the reiki.  I took her back to the vet yesterday and he was shocked that she had made it.  Remember he told me to take her home to die.   He didn't even charge for the visit, he said "I" we had kept her alive.  She had gained a (.25) lb.  And is starting to eat a little on her own.  Walking around much more, and showing interest in people and life.  As he put it yesterday, she is living on borrowed time.  But, at least we know we did everything we could for her.  

Again, thank you.



(2) Since my last note to you.   Tiger is now eating on her own.  Back to greeting us at the door when we come home.  And has gained another (.25 lb).  We are still feeding her supplemental food to assist in her weight gain.  She has even been able to jump up onto things.  i.e. the table, never thought I would be happy to see that, LOL.   I know she can have a heart attack at any time, but at least she is enjoying life again, live for today.

My mother was recently hospitalized for severe psychiatric problems.  My daily phone conversations with her were very disjointed and disturbing.  She was paranoid and unable to coherently communicate.  I was sending her distance reiki myself, but something wasn't feeling right.  I contacted Reiki with Trust and had Anna send distance Reiki over the course of several days. 

The first day she received the Reiki from Anna, my Mother's mental state started to turn around.  Within  48 hours I was able to make arrangements to take her from the mental health facility back to her own home.  Anna's assistance was a true benefit to her process.



"In the distant past I had a discectomy on my lower back. The pain never stopped completely and worsened over the years to the point where I had difficulty walking. Numerous sessions with a chiropractor proved fruitless. Then Anna performed Reiki on me and the pain almost completely stopped.
   After she became a Master in distance healing I contacted her for help with severe arthritis and in particular, a painful knee. I felt like I had a new lease on life! Every few months I ask her for a "booster" healing and have benefited each time.
   How does it work? I don't know. Can I prove it works? No, but without failure it has helped me each time I enlisted her aid. I am a believer."

Ron Poulin
Manchester, Ct

" I just want to say that receiving distance Reiki from Anna for my Teacher Certification Praxis Tests made a real difference in my state of mind. I was relaxed and able to perform at my optimal best. I passed them all with flying colors!!"


  " My back hurt so bad one day, I had to put a pillow behind it as I drove to Anna's house for a hands-on Reiki session. As soon as she started the session, I could feel relief in my upper and lower back. When the Reiki session was over, I drove home without a pillow for my back-the pain had truly disappeared!
     Currently, the distance healing continually keeps my back healthy. There was a time when I couldn't even complete a 20-minute walk, but now I can walk, bike, golf and even ski again!
   When anyone tells me that they've never heard of Reiki, I respond, "It's similar to a terrific message (with clothes on) that heals the part of you that needs to be healed."
 Because of the hectic life I lead, I am now taking advantage of Anna's distance healing abilities. No matter where I am, I am actually sent Reiki energy by Anna without physically having to be present!
    Without any reservations, I highly recommend Anna. She is not only a reputable Reiki healer, she's a terrific, warm and caring person."
                                              Jean Dehm
                                              School teacher

"Anna’s healing touch is truly amazing!  My son broke his scaphoid bone in his wrist (the smallest bone in your body, the worst to break and the hardest to heal!).  It was initially misdiagnosed, finally resulting in surgery requiring bone grafts with a 6-12 month healing process in a cast.  This bone is so difficult to heal that the doctors won’t even guarantee it ever healing in an adult. Fortunately, since my son was 16, his prognosis was better.  Four months into the cast/healing process there was still very little sign of any healing whatsoever.  This is a kid who lives for sports – and soccer and lacrosse goalie is his position.  So, this kind of injury was devastating, to say the least.  Anna had been talking to me about Reiki, unaware of what was going on with my son.  At that point, I figured this was as good a test as any and asked my son what he thought about trying this alternative healing process and he said why not!  Anna started work on him immediately and his next doctor’s visit (within 2 weeks of Reiki) showed the first real signs of improvement since surgery!  Anna continued her healing visits and the scaphoid’s improvement continued.  The cast came off less than 6 months after surgery and shortly thereafter, was pronounced completely healed!  Even the doctor was amazed at how quickly everything fell into place and was not surprised to hear that an alternative healing method was in place. 

This is the real thing!  If you need help and you are receptive to the positive energy that Anna can channel to you, this can be the answer to your prayers!"

                                                        Joan, a colleague

  " I was remotely familiar with Reiki when Anna came to visit me in Arizona. We had attended college together, and I had moved from Connecticut ten years prior. We had stayed in touch, we had not seen each other since I'd left , and I looked forward to rekindling a long friendship.
    While here, Anna educated me on the theory of Reiki and gave me several treatments. During and after each session, I felt a strong positive feeling of calmness and relaxation, two rare attributes these days-at least for me. I was sorry to see here leave!
    Several months passed, during which time I had gained some weight and found myself exercising less and less. I couldn't seem to get motivated and lost my focus on "me" and the importance of taking care of myself. This went on for a period of time. Then, one day I began to focus on what I needed to do, not only to improve my physical well being, but my spiritual as well. For some reason, I suddenly felt very strongly about making changes, and I made a conscious decision to act. I began to eat more healthy and to think positively about why. I also began adding exercise to my weekly routine, be it walking, riding the treadmill, or a machine workout. At this point I began to feel better about myself and what I was doing to improve my life.
     Now, to my point. Unbeknownst to me, shortly before I made this life-changing decision, Anna had begun sending me Reiki, long distance, from Connecticut. When she advised me of her kindness, I knew, then and there, her efforts were responsible for me taking action. I truly believe Reiki has helped me to continue on this more positive path.
    It has been more than three months since Anna began my long-distance healing.
Since then, I have attained my desired weigh loss. I continue to exercise at least twice a week, and I have an overall feeling of wellness. I work in the healthcare field and thus understand the importance of prevention.
   Anna and I have been friends for more than thirty years. The generous, unsolicited sharing of her unique powers indicates the kind of person she is. She has no motivating reason to offer me this-only her desire to help a friend.
   Anyone who has the opportunity to benefit from her special talents, should jump on it-it's worth it. And, once you meet Anna, you'll understand why I hold dear her friendship all these years."

Linda Blumenhagen

"Anna has been my friend and colleague for over ten years.  I am pleased, honored and qualified to speak on her behalf.

  From August, 1990 until June, 2000, Anna  and I shared a classroom and laboratory suite at a local  high School. We worked in close conjunction, coordinating our schedules, teaching strategies and working lives in a mutually beneficial arrangement.  During that time, I came to know Anna  well, and have observed her professional and personal behavior on a daily basis.  I am very pleased to document the enormous personal and professional growth I have observed, and express the tremendous respect I have for Anna  personally and professionally.

I have special appreciation for Anna  as a practitioner of Reiki.  When Anna began to study Reiki, I was interested in what she was learning, since she and I have many common interests.  As Anna’s knowledge of Reiki increased, I noticed a growing change in the air about her.  She began to take on a spiritual dimension quite unlike anything I had previously seen in her.  Anna began to exude a pure and honest energy, a holiness I had observed in other spiritually advanced people.  Anna attributed her growing consciousness to her study of Reiki.  As Anna continued her studies, she offered to “send me energy” through space, soul to soul.  I accepted her offer, not really knowing what to expect.  I was in the midst of a crisis at the time, and felt that anything anyone tried do to help me would not hurt me, but would probably not help me either.  But when Anna  sent me her Reiki “energy”, I actually felt the energy she was sending.  And that energy helped me.

  Anna has been “sending me Reiki” for four months now.  I believe the energy she is sending to me has caused me to be more acutely aware of metaphysical phenomena impacting my life.  I am more perceptive and receptive, and feel a positive impact from the Reiki energy Anna has been sending to me.

  Please contact me directly if I may be of further assistance or may further substantiate the outstanding character and integrity of Anna."

  Gerald P. Emple

An email after a 30 day Reiki session. The recipient had/has? uterine cancer

Hi Anna,
Thanks!!!! I thought I would tell you what happened.  
Oct. 2nd-Lisa was at her boyfriends house. (out in the woods with no phone.)  She told me she got up that day and felt a bit tired. Her boyfriend was do to leave to Spokane for a few days-something about a job, so he left her there alone.
Lisa laid down to take a nap and woke with a large lump on her neck. There was yellow puss excreting from 4 small holes.
Bottom line-she was bit by a black widow 4 times in the carotid artery. For 4 days she stumbled around not knowing or remembering much. Then she got it together enough to drive to my mothers house.  It is a 5 hour drive however it took her 2 and 1/2 days to get there.
Of course we did the emergency room twice, before we knew what the problem was.
She is now fine-but the whole point is the venom from the widow caused her to slough off all her mucus membranes. The ruff of her mouth-inside her throat and yes her uterus.  She told me she bled heavy and "large chunks." Interesting.  Everything happens for a reason. She believes this was to help stop the cancer. At this point we don't know if it did or not---but I would have to say God works in strange ways.
Thanks again,


I thought you could use more background as there were items that lead to the spider bite. Generally When you first started to work on her-she had vivid dreams that contained emotions and events in her childhood. She told me this is when she first felt the cancer. The dreams lasted about a week. Then she had 3 to 4 days of just feeling good. After that she felt bloated and like she might have her period soon. (I believe she hadn't had one in about 8 months). This new feeling was accompanied by a burning in the uterus that increased as the days went by. Then the spider. What a month. Please feel free to email her. Thanks again Chris




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