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 Reiki Distance Energy Healing
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In order to recognize the influence of Reiki distance healing energy in your life, one needs to be aware of their own personal  physical and emotional patterns prior to it's receipt. Although not critical,  I urge you to become conscious of all possible aspects of yourself before receiving Reiki remote healing treatments. Referring to Preparing for Reiki will help you focus your attention on some of the possible areas Reiki remote energy healing will improve or heal. Daily journaling is also highly recommended in that it helps you notice subtle shifts in physical and emotional patterns. In some cases, only time will reveal the cloud Reiki distance healing lifted from your life. Remember to trust in the divine, no matter how you address it. Only good will result from Reiki distance healing energy. Reiki distance energy healing complements medical and psychological care.  Continue medications and treatment prescribed by your doctors.

        A Few Frequent
Reiki Remote Energy Healing Outcomes

Because the healer (you) and the divine direct the flow of energy, the list below is only a sample of the most observed possibilities.

1. Aches and pains have decreased or vanished.

2.  You feel a flood of calmness in the midst of chaos.

3. You just feel great.

4. You have a noticeable increase in energy.

5. Certain aspects of relationships will be viewed from a healthier perspective. You may not be happy about what you discover and might decide to make some positive changes which will lead to a real state of happiness. Perhaps your own negative patterns will surface prompting new approaches to life and relationships. Again, the outcome is always good.

6. Your body is releasing toxins.
      * Pimples may surface, digestive patterns may change. 
      * Diseases may become temporarily worse as the deepest toxins rise to
         the surface. This would be the time to trust and stay with the Reiki. 
         Drink large amounts of water!

7. You are reaching for healthier foods.

8. Exercise is calling you to action.

9. Your sleep is restful and satisfying.

10. You notice bursts of energy in the middle of a lethargic segment of time.

11. The usual button-pushing situations are losing their power over you. You return back to a normal relaxed state in much less time.

12. You feel more serene and trusting in life. You worry far less and trust far more.

13. The most stubborn problems are replaced with simple solutions.

14. People and life are appearing much more supportive.

15. You are generally more peaceful and serene.



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