Reiki Distance Energy Healing 

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Reiki Distance Energy Healing
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Reiki Remote Energy Healing
Practical Applications

The directing of Reiki distance healing energy is only limited by one's imagination. Pets, plants, inanimate objects, the earth, situations, events and relationships are just a few of the possible potential recipients of Reiki distance healing energy.   Regardless of its target, the result is always good. Judging from the source, how could it be anything else? We need to trust that the Reiki distance healing energy  is divinely directed to the highest good. At times, we are too embroiled in a situation to see the wisdom of Reiki remote healings' choices. Only time can clear your sight as to how perfect everything really was. 

 If Reiki distance healing energy is requested for an individual other than yourself, it is important that you first receive their consent. It is a matter of courtesy. If one's soul in not open to Reiki distance healing energy, it will not be taken in regardless of permission. An individual's free will always prevails. In a situation where an individual cannot give conscious consent, Reiki remote healing is sent based on "soul approval."  Reiki distance healing cannot be used to control another person's choices. An example would be the need to pull an unwilling person  into a relationship, or make a business deal which would not be in the best interest of all.  One can direct Reiki distance healing energy to the manifestation of a relationship, however a particular person cannot be requested. In the business world, as well as the personal world, it always works to the highest good of all. Reiki remote healing is incapable of doing anything else. The "side effects" are not always predictable, however, they are always good.

Listed below are just some of the ways Reiki distant healing has been used. Also listed are some of most common results. Remember, it is the healer within that divinely selects the direction of the healing. My role is to simply provide you with the Reiki distance healing energy. Reiki remote healing serves as a wonderful preventative therapy.

Reiki Distance Energy Healing
Most Common Uses and Results

INDIVIDUALS - Receiving Reiki Remote Healing
Preventative measures:  stress reduction, revitalizes body and soul
Reduces Emotional Paralysis so that positive choices of action can be made
Reduces the trauma of surgery: less bleeding, less pain, quicker recovery
Helps combat addictions: smoking, eating, shopping, chemicals
Pregnancy and Delivery : both mother and child will derive the benefits
Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy
Reduces pain and anxiety, including the terminally ill
Reduces test anxiety
Minimizes fear of public speaking
Helps reduce the possibility of violent outcomes such as in sports etc.
Minimizes various forms of performance anxiety
Eliminates toxins:
Increases creativity
Produces clarity
Helps heal emotional pain
Serves as a complimentary depression treatment, thus lightens depression
Restores depleted energy
Helps view personal relationships from an empowering perspective
Loosens blocked energy which would eventually cause disease
Brings harmful patterns of thinking to your consciousness for healing
Makes you aware of relationships and situations which are toxic
Provides bursts of energy when most needed
Spreads a wave of peace in the midst of chaos
Difficult situations are handled with calmness and clarity

SITUATIONS & CIRCUMSTANCES - Receiving Reiki Remote Healing
*A new residence just does not feel comfortable. Old energy needs to be replaced with the positive loving light of Reiki.
*Personal relationships are approached from a more productive place.
*Blocks to success and/or prosperity are gently dissolved.
*Corporate teams will function with greater harmony, clarity and creativity
*Interpersonal relationships around you can receive Reiki healing. You do not need to be actively involved. Great for home or the office.
A situation in the news can receive Reiki distance healing.
*Changes in location or business policies & structure require clearing of negative residual energy. Even good change produces anxiety and tension resulting in a reduction of harmony and productivity.

SPECIFIC EVENTS - Receiving Reiki Remote Healing
 An audition
 Moving into a new location or home
 A major exam/test
 A job interview
 A high stakes sporting event which can benefit from calmness and clarity
 Appearing in court as a client or an attorney
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 Performing a critical task at work or home
 Surgery - may the team be in top harmonious form

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