Reiki Distance Energy Healing

Reiki Distance Healing - Convenient & Powerful Remote Healing

Reiki Distance Energy Healing

Personal Reiki "Hands On" Energy Session

For those who are interested in a Personal Reiki Energy Session, I am offering:
    *A one hour Personal "hands-on" Reiki Energy Session
    *Fourteen consecutive days of  follow up Remote Reiki Energy
      Fee: $150  payable prior to the "hands-on" session.

My location for this service is in Farmington, Ct. Please do not drop in at the Farmington Hypnosis & Awareness Center.  An appointment will need to be arranged via email and a subsequent comparison of mutual schedules.

The results of Reiki energy sessions are always  the highest good. Again I remind you that I am not the and the universe/God/universal intelligence/source determine what your highest good actually is. My role is to channel the energy to your soul thus serving as a healing facilitator.

Location: Farmington Hypnosis & Awareness Center
                Two Forrest Park Drive
                Farmington, Ct  06032
Fee: $150.00  for one hour and 14 days of distance Reiki
Dress: Comfortable loose clothing, you will remain clothed
Bring for your comfort:
Fresh bedding; bottom sheet, older & flatter pillow, top sheet if desired.

Preparation: visit my Preparing for Reiki page.
Healing facilitator: Anna, Reiki Master/Teacher

If you are interested in receiving a Personal Reiki Energy Session  consisting of one hour of "hands-on" Reiki energy and 14 days of Distance Reiki Energy,  email me at ***** 
To avoid more spam...type info in place of the *****

In the email, please include:
   Your name:
Street, City, State, zip code
   Phone numbers:
home, work, cell etc.
   Convenient times to call you:
   Goal(s) for the Personal Energy Session. 


Other Reiki Energy Options:
Distance Energy Sessions via this site.

For people that are too ill to travel or, have too busy a schedule, distance energy sessions are available. Remote Reiki sessions are convenient and just as powerful  as a Personal Reiki Energy Session
To request remote Reiki energy sessions, without the personal "hands-on" energy session, visit my Treatment Request  page.

Reiki energy sessions are a compliment rather than  a substitute for professional medical/psychological care and treatments. Continue all treatments and medications which have been prescribed by a professional.

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