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Group Rates for Reiki Distance Energy Sessions
The Number of Members in your group equals the number of free additional days of  Reiki remote healing added to their paid  plan!

The Offer:
  *Free additional days of Reiki healing added on to the single individual rates. Each member of the group would count as one additional day to the purchased plan.
Example: If 15 people signed up for the 14 day session, each member of the group would get an additional 15 days of Reiki distance energy healing added to the 14 contracted days. This comes out to 29 days for $77. 
     ExampleIf 10 people signed up for the 30 day session, they would receive an additional 10 days of Reiki distance healing energy thus receiving 40 consecutive days for $147.
 Notice that a 14 day session for an individual would normally be $77 and a 30 day session for an individual would normally be $147.

How I will be able to do this:
By directing the Reiki energy to the same specific goal and starting and ending treatments as a group, time for clerical work is saved at my end. This savings in time can be then used to direct additional Reiki energy to my clients' and their mutual goal.

   Examples of goals could be stated as:
*serenity to help overcome a smoking addiction
*patience with interactions with one's children
*harmony to the group working on a specific project
*peace to a group of individuals suffering from anxiety
*to the general "highest & best" for all

A "Group" Defined:
The "Group" would be defined as individuals who are working on the same emotional issue, health issue, project or goal. These groups could be corporate teams,  support groups or any group of individuals working toward the same goal. Only positive goals will be accepted. Reiki works for the highest good of all. I always ask for the highest and best.

Session Start Date/End Date:
The Start Date would be determined by the group.
The individuals in the group would start receiving their Reiki remote healing on the same day, regardless of when they submitted their
Distance Healing Treatment Request Form. The End Date would also be the same. It would include the additional days earned by group registration.
    *Once treatments have begun, group enrollment for that particular session would have to be closed. Another group can be formed for those who have had a change of heart. The second group would be a separate entity onto itself. It cannot claim the additional days of the original group. It will need its own group name and group liaison.

Payment for Group Session:
Group sessions need to be paid online by using my online secure credit card options. These include Verisign and Paypal. Money orders would delay the process considerably. If this creates a hardship, we can discuss it. I can wait until all payments have been processed if the group is also willing to wait for the remote healing Reiki energy sessions to begin.

Group Liaison Person - Responsibilities:
Each group must have a member who would serve to organize the process. This person would be the liaison between group members and myself. It would be the responsibility of this individual to organize the timely submission of an individual Distance Healing Treatment Request Form from each member of the group. There would be sign up window of time as determined by the group. While members are submitting their healing request, I will wait until the group liaison instructs me to begin the Reiki Energy Healing Session. After the Group Liaison confirms the sign up period is closed, I will then begin the treatments on a mutually designated date.
Once the group has started receiving Reiki remote healing, no new members can join that particular Reiki session.
Each member will start and end their treatments on the same start and end dates. The reduction in clerical work helps me to be able to offer the additional days.

            Group Liaison Person will Need to:
     1. Determine which plan the group will choose (14 or 30 day)
                   2. Decide when the cut off date would be for participants to register.
                   3. Inform me when to
begin the treatments.
                   4. Determine a
Group Name
for the group so I can identify the submissions
                       when they come in. 

                   5. Have each group member type the appropriate
Group Name on the bottom of the registration form
                       and the name of the 
Group Liaison Person
  in the text box where is states:

 "Briefly describe who or what is receiving Reiki remote healing and for what purpose. As always, the energy will be directed to the highest good. It is incapable of less."

                    6. To double check what I have received, I will need a list of the participants names & email addresses.  
Please include the Group Name in your email subject line.

Group Member - Responsibilities 
               1. Each group member would need to submit the Reiki Treatment Request Form and pay for their own sessions. 
               2. Each group member must select the group approved plan (14 vs. 30 days).
                     The group discounts would only apply to groups who sign up for either the 14 or 30 day session.  
                   It is up to you and your group to determine which plan best meets your needs. 
Important: To identify which group you belong to, PLEASE type the
Group Name and name of Group Liaison in the box of the 
                   Registration form that states:

 "Briefly describe who or what is receiving Reiki remote healing and for what purpose. As always, the energy will be directed to the highest good. It is incapable of less."

               4. Each group member must submit their Reiki Treatment Request Form according to the 
                     time frame established by the group.

The results of Reiki energy sessions are always  the highest good. Again I remind you that I am not the and the universe/God/universal intelligence/source determine what your highest good actually is. My role is to channel the energy to your soul thus serving as a healing facilitator.


To get things started, feel free to email me with questions. This is a new program I am offering. Time will tell if it is workable for all parties involved. 

Email me at *****  (Type info in place of the *****)
In the email, please include:
   Your name:
Street, City, State, zip code
   Phone numbers:
home, work, cell etc.
   Goal for Group Session:
   Session length - 14 or 30 day 
   Group Liaison Name:


Reiki energy sessions are a compliment rather than  a substitute for professional medical/psychological care and treatments. Continue all treatments and medications which have been prescribed by a professional.


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