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Reiki Distance Energy Healing


Anna - Reiki Master/Teacher - Remote Energy Healing

"In life there is but one duty and that is the duty of happiness."
Hermann Hesse

Welcome to my story...

What any one of us is defies all labels. It is what is left when the job, family, hobbies and material trappings are removed. If all that were to disappear, what is the next layer to be peeled away? I would need to say that it is all the "stuff" we accumulated since the day we were born. All those messages, real and imagined, which we have internalized and now quietly, subconsciously, drive our lives. These drivers don't always take us to happy places. In fact, sometimes we just keep on pulling "unlucky" cards. "Why me?,"   "What is wrong with me?," "Why am I working so hard, and yet keep hitting walls?"  These are questions which have echoed in my heart for decades.

The truth is, we are all innately perfect, powerful souls. We are here to learn and be happy. So, where am I going with all this? I have spent the last eight years of my life learning to tune in to the mischievous "drivers." They are quiet but powerful. Once we know them, we can disable them. I, like all of us, am never done learning. However, my path, often bumpy, has been increasing in the number of smooth-to-harsh miles.

Poor me
Eight years ago, I was... in a long abusive marriage, sixty pounds overweight and smoked 1.5 packs of cigarettes a day. I was loved by all, and spent much of my "free" time "helping" others. Now, helping others is not a bad thing, however, it was a nice way of busying myself and avoiding the quiet whispers that lurked inside. They softly informed me as to how miserable I really was. When I had a child, it just gave me another place to divert my love and attention. Between my teaching job, child, friends and occasional creative activities, my time was filled. My attitude was, "I made my bed so I am to forever lay in it" and, I held on dearly to every imagined or real crumb of happiness I could find. I would take that crumb, and inflate it beyond proportion, large enough to hide my misery. When that crumb lost it's glow, I again felt the painful sting of reality. I felt it was too late for me. When I looked into my own eyes, I saw what I called the eyes of the "walking dead." Then, only by the grace of God, the whispers inside started getting louder...turning into gut wrenching screams. I knew I could not go on. I knew that whatever it took, I would change and be "happy."

Time to change
I read books, sought the help of a well reputed intuitive counselor, Althea DePascale,  quit smoking, started meditating, changed my diet and started exercising. Very much afraid for the well being of both my son and myself, I confronted my greatest fear, and initiated divorce.

Enter Reiki
They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will come, thus, my introduction to Reiki. After becoming a first degree Reiki practitioner, my healing process was accelerated. The ride was speedy and often bumpy. I gave many hands-on Reiki treatments. I was amazed at Reiki's simplicity and power. Reiki pulled situations into my life that facilitated my healing while steadily increasing my moments of peace and clarity. I eliminated relationships with people who I had allowed to drain me, and started, note started, to honor myself. I realized that the love I needed was right here, inside of me. I just needed to direct it toward myself. It was rewire my thinking, but well worth it. After three tumultuous years, I moved up the Reiki ladder to the position of Reiki Master/Teacher..

Distance energy healing
Second Degree Reiki gives one the ability to "send" energy. The truth is that I am simply a funnel, and the recipient, the real healer, "draws" it through me. Being scientifically trained, I needed to see for myself. To this end,  I offered distance healing to just about everybody I knew! Sure enough, to my own amazement, the reports started coming in; even from Florida and Arizona!  I then came across some interesting scientific studies on the power of prayer. As you have probably surmised, well constructed scientific experiments validated the power of prayer. I found it amazing that such a powerful and ancient practice was allowed to become almost obsolete for so many years. It was not a coincidence that all my "distance-Reiki friends" had experienced positive changes!  This is something I needed and wanted to explore further.

My intent
It is my intent to offer Reiki for a guaranteed period of time to those individuals seeking to heal themselves, improve their general well-being, and/or direct Reiki energy to other individuals or situations.   The recipient would trust that I indeed have made Reiki available to them, and  trust that  the Reiki energy will only serve the highest and best interests of the recipient(s). Your soul, the healer, and the divine force will determine, on a subconscious level, your true healing priorities. Because of it's divine origin, the Reiki energy has an intelligence of it's own. Thus, expect and trust that only the best outcome for all will result. I encourage you to read the pages Preparing for Reiki and Recognizing Reiki so that you can become more aware of the changes precipitated by your soul and the gentle love of Reiki energy. 

Allow me
I would be most honored to facilitate your healing. Do consider giving yourself, or a loved one,  the gift of gentle Reiki love.


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