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Continuous Reiki Weekly Subscriptions


Are you a satisfied Reiki With Trust LLC client who is tired of filling out the Reiki Distance Treatment Request form for yet another Reiki Distance Energy Healing session?

Are you a recipient of the Reiki With Trust LLC free monthly 7 day Reiki distance energy drawing and would now like Reiki on a regular basis?

Have you had hands on Reiki treatments and wish you could have Reiki more often?

Do you wish you could have a continuous flow of Reiki to you without needing to remember to re-register?


Reiki With Trust LLC - Growing with its' clients

To meet the ever-changing needs of my world-wide clients, I am now ready  to offer clients Continuous Reiki Distance Energy Healing Sessions. A client only need to determine the frequency of weekly Reiki and register once on a Reiki Subscription Registration From  without having to register every week. The ease of automatic billing will allow me to do what I love best…sending Reiki energy, rather than handling tons of paperwork, thus time will be saved by both the client and myself. The original Short Term Reiki Intensive Sessions are suitable for clients who have very specific time sensitive needs. Due to their popularity and appropriateness for certain situations, I do intend to continue offering these sessions (Single event, 14 or 30-Day sessions).

Receiving Remote Reiki Energy on a Long Term Basis

Reiki energy has an intelligence of it’s own. Neither the client nor myself knows what the highest and best really is for the recipient of the Reiki energy. The recipient’s soul and the source/God/universe determine the highest and best use of the energy.  Only time will show us its’ wisdom as the healings unfold. Receiving remote healing Reiki energy on a constant basis makes possible the healing of various energetic blocks that have been in place for years. The recipient is better able to handle the rigorous demands of daily life as they develop healthier ways of being. As the mind goes, so does the body. Ailments often improve and some even disappear. 

After receiving Reiki remote healing on a constant basis, one gets accustomed to operating at a higher more peaceful level. During my “practice years”, I sent Reiki, free of charge, to many many acquaintances and friends on a random hit-or-miss schedule. I wanted  to see how and if Reiki was as powerful as I had been taught. I wanted to see if Reiki made a difference in the lives of my long term recipients.  I  channeled the Reiki when I was in the mood to do so. There were no promises or commitments. Of course, my friends were thrilled at whatever Reiki they received. When I confessed to one long term recipient that I recently had a rough week and did not send her Reiki distance healing energy that week, she exclaimed with astonished recognition “so THAT’s why I am on Prozac again”. That experience showed me how gentle remote healing Reiki is, and, how much it is missed when it stops.


 Reiki Weekly Subscriptions Fees

I am offering three intensities of weekly Reiki remote healing sessions. An individual can chose a one, three or seven days a week of receiving Reiki distance energy.

1 Day a Week........................................................................$12 a week
            A once a week session would be suitable for the individual who would like a balancing
boost during a typical week. This person is pretty happy with their life. They are healthy and usually well centered. The once a week plan can serve as a  preventative therapy.

  3 Days a Week...................................................................$17 a  week
         A 3 days a week plan would best serve an individual who was generally well centered, but has a few days a week in which they feel somewhat out of control. They might suffer with medical conditions which are manageable, however capable of manifesting more serious problems down the road..

  7 Days a Week.....................................................................$35 a week 
A 7 days a week plan should be considered if someone is going through some seriously difficult times. Be it emotional, physical or spiritual difficulties, Reiki energy makes whatever you are going through much  easier. A calm peaceful disposition is much more conducive to healing rather than sitting in a the stress. 

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Booster sessions for life’s surprise
One the rare occasion that a 1 or 3 day a week  person is in  need of additional Reiki for a brief period of time, they can simply purchase a Single Event short term intensive session. This would add 3 days to the recipient’s weekly sessions thus helping the client weather the short term storm.    

Timing of Payments, Subscriptions
Free Reiki Treatments
*A "Week" of your subscription will always begin on Sunday
*Automatic billing will occur every 7 days. The billing will be weekly on the day of the week that you first registered for the subscription. Each payment is for the week
  beginning Sunday. The subscription will last as long as you want.
*When you register for a subscription, you will be lead to PayPal. PayPal is a secure and popular web credit card processor. It is safe and email based. If you are new to PayPal you will need to register as part of the transaction procedure. After you register, all you will need to remember is your email address and password for all internet transactions. It is so safe that over 20,000,000 people worldwide use it for all their internet transactions. I am certain you have seen its' logo in many websites. Again, you will only need to sign up for PayPal once. After you sign up, you will be able to perform quick and secure transactions on the multitude of websites carrying its' logo. It does not matter where you live, PayPal accepts many currencies. 

If you are not a member of PayPal...sign up NOW by clicking the banner below. 

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service! 

When you are done, you can return to this page scroll down and click on..

  Subscribe NOW to Receive
Reiki Distance Energy Healing

To get an approximate idea of my fees converted in your currency, use the converter below.
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As a gift for your trust and commitment to healing, subscribers will be given free daily Reiki sessions for a limited time. This is how it works. Upon receipt of your first payment, I will send you Reiki daily until the next Sunday. When the your first Sunday arrives, I will then switch over to the weekly plan you had selected. After the introductory period is over, new subscribers will be receiving Reiki sessions as described below. The complimentary days are given in good faith that the individual does indeed commit to a subscription. 

This will be the schedule for those signing up AFTER the INTRODUCTORY Period
Regardless of what day your payment comes in, the subscription session will begin the first Sunday after the first payment. If the payment arrives on a Sunday, then I will begin your session immediately. Example, if a payment comes in on Tuesday, your first session will begin on Sunday.  Each payment will be for the next  week which begins on Sunday . Billing will occur on a weekly basis.
*The complimentary sessions I provide will only apply to those who are truly committed to a subscription.  A person who cancels early on such as  in the midst of the free days will receive only the number of days connected with their subscription. ex: If a person signed up for 7 days a week their $35 payment will cover the 1st seven days. 

                     Subscribe NOW to Receive
Reiki Distance Energy Healing
You have everything to gain.

Preparing for Reiki
While you are waiting for the subscription transaction to go through, it would be a great idea to  read over the valuable information on my website. Reiki Practical Applications,  Reiki Frequently Asked Questions,   Preparing for Reiki  and  Recognizing Reiki  are all pages I diligently designed to prepare and inform the client. Please feel free to email me with any questions not covered in my site.  

Changing Your Reiki Subscription Plan
There may come a point in time where you feel Reiki did what you had expected, or, you need to change the frequency of the sessions.
If you would like to modify or cancel your subscription plan, please let me know via email. . Modifying is easy. Just go to the Subscription Payment Page and click on the PayPal logo. At the top it will prompt you on what you want to do.

 *Trouble viewing or submitting forms? Try these free browsers ..Click here.

The services and information on this website are offered to compliment medical/psychological advise and treatments. The user of said information accepts all responsibility for viewing and/or using this service.  Reiki is not a substitute for medical/psychological  care, thus  is not to be  used as a  substitution, contradiction  or  replacement of medical/psychological  advise and treatment. The information in this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical/psychological  concerns. I advise  you to contact a licensed physician for any medical/psychological  concerns . 

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