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Reiki Is

Reiki is.. an ancient healing art which has recently been re-discovered in Japan and is quickly gaining the attention of the main-stream western world. Board rooms, hospitals, courtrooms, business offices and sporting events are just some of the modern day recipients of Reiki energy. 


The origin of this powerful healing energy is believed to be divine. Regardless of it's source or why it works, the results are always positive and directed toward the best outcomes. There is no danger of misuse or abuse. The highest good of all prevails. The recipient of Reiki need not study, understand or believe in its power and beauty. It always delivers the highest good. How could it do anything else? An acute power of observation would be handy, only to affirm it's often subtle changes and effects. To increase your awareness of Reiki's healing powers, I have provided several informative pages to help you to maximize your Reiki experience. I encourage you to take the time to read the pages  Preparing for Reiki and Recognizing Reiki prior to receiving it's benevolent energy.


One need not be mislead or intimidated by Reiki's foreign name. Reiki is called such because, as it happened, this old system of prayer and healing was again returned to mankind via a Japanese man called Dr. Usui. The name "Reiki" is Japanese because that was Dr. Usui's native language. This healing art was known and utilized long before it's resurgence under a Japanese name. The divine is not concerned with nationality. When utilizing Reiki energy, one is merely tapping into the magnanimous love of the divine (God, life force, universe, Christ force, etc). Jesus used the exact same source of energy as is used by "Reiki."  Jesus once said that all he can do can be done by us and even more. The key ingredient is trust. As a Reiki Master, I have learned to trust in the goodness of the divine.


The beauty of this divine love is that it does not discriminate between believers and skeptics.   It's power has been utilized to positively impact a multitude of people and situations from NBA basketball games (calming potentially volatile players) to conservative institutions such as Wall Street. The healing power of Reiki can be directed toward individuals, pets, plants, living/working spaces, businesses, situations and even future events. This loving energy now called "Reiki", is incapable of hurting other individuals for personal gain. Extremely specific requests can be very limiting. One needs to reflect on the general desired outcome behind the request. An example would be to ask for the "growth of one's business." It would be more productive to ask what you would want from it's growth. It may be better to ask for "financial freedom." This broader approach frees up the hands of the divine to send you your best outcome(s). Reiki always works toward the best outcomes. When you present me with your request, I will ask for the highest and best for you.  To get a glimpse of a few of the practical applications of Reiki that I have seen, read my page called Reiki Practical Applications. It is good to remember that you are only limited by your imagination and purity of your intent.

Reiki Energy Healing Facilitator

An individual can receive Reiki from what is known as a "Reiki practitioner." The practitioner can lightly place their hands on various parts of the recipients clothed body or, "send" Reiki. The service which I am offering is the sending of Reiki energy. I remind you that sending Reiki energy is simply a  very powerful form of prayer. In both distance or hands-on healing, the recipient's own body's innate wisdom draws the energy through the practitioner and directs it to it's highest good. The healing occurs on a soul determined priority basis. Healing can be physical, emotional or spiritual. I always  find it interesting and amazing to witness how the healing unfolds. The practitioner is not responsible for making healing decisions for the recipient. The recipient is the healer. The Reiki practitioner merely channels the energy serving as a "healing facilitator."

 "Anna started work on him immediately and his next doctor’s visit (within 2 weeks of Reiki) showed the first real signs of improvement since surgery!  Anna continued her healing visits and the scaphoid’s improvement continued.  The cast came off less than 6 months after surgery and shortly thereafter, was pronounced completely healed!"
Joan, a colleague

Those who believe in a supreme intelligence can elect to believe the source to be divine, thus creating a cooperative union between one's inner knowing (the soul), and the source (God). My personal evaluation of it's magnificent power places God as the ultimate source of this energy, however, one's personal beliefs or lack thereof do not hinder nor enhance the results of a Reiki treatment.

A Reiki practitioner is certified by going through a special intensive training. The training is conducted by a Reiki Master and includes a sacred ceremony called an "attunement." Only after being attuned, can one channel the Reiki energy. 

Other healing modalities manipulate "Ki" or life energy. Examples include the martial arts, acupuncture, therapeutic touch,  and other forms of "energy work." Reiki is different in that it is more powerful and, need not be guided by a special effort or entering an altered state. The energy is divinely directed. 

There are different levels and abilities of Reiki practitioner. A Reiki I practitioner is empowered to channel Reiki energy by physically touching an individual with their hands. A Reiki II practitioner is able to "send" the Reiki energy as well as giving hands-on treatments.  Again, a special attunement is required to advance to the next level. The Reiki energy can be "sent" to an individual, plant or animal. When feasible, permission is required. In cases when granting permission is not possible, the Reiki practitioner can seek soul-approval. A Reiki III practitioner is known as a Reiki Master. In addition to the abilities of Reiki I and II, Reiki III practitioners are empowered with the ability to give attunements. Teaching is also  the responsibility of the Reiki Master. As a high school Biology teacher for thirty plus years, teaching does come naturally. 

Reiki Healing Energy sent to Future or Past Event

Reiki can be sent to a past or future event. A childhood trauma can be relieved of it's grip on a suffering adult. An important exam or presentation can be performed with a commanding calmness. A Reiki II  trained police officer can send Reiki into a home where a disturbed individual is about to harm themselves or others. Reiki sent to  hospice patients could reduce the pain and anxiety of those about to expire. Peace would replace fear. One preparing for surgery could experience less pain, lose less blood, and have a faster recovery. I choose the word "could" because the use of the energy is determined by the recipient's soul. The only guarantee is that the Reiki energy is going to the highest is always good.

Reiki Healing Energy & Situations

Situations can often benefit from Reiki energy. The Reiki energy gently works to produce harmony and clarity where anxiety and discord had prevailed. Both the home and workplace are excellent targets of Reiki energy. Relationships which are "stuck" are moved toward the highest good of all. The end results could be resolution or dissolution. All parties will have the opportunity to move toward their higher good. Corporate teams across the country have been utilizing Reiki as a gentle catalyst toward harmony and greater productivity. Dysfunctional teams have moved toward harmony and trust while corporations reap the benefits.  Even homes and workplaces which just don't "feel good" are cleared of negative residual energies using Reiki's infinite power.

 "Unbeknownst to me, shortly before I made this life-changing decision, Anna had begun sending me Reiki, long distance, from Connecticut. When she advised me of her kindness, I knew, then and there, her efforts were responsible for me taking action. I truly believe Reiki has helped me to continue on this more positive path."

    "It has been more than three months since Anna began my long-distance healing. Since then, I have attained my desired weigh loss. I continue to exercise at least twice a week, and I have an overall feeling of wellness. I work in the healthcare field and thus understand the importance of prevention."
Linda Blumenhagen

Reiki Healing Energy & Emotional Paralysis

Emotional paralysis resulting from an unexpected loss responds quickly to sent  Reiki energy. The individual will experience a calmness and clarity which will help them make rational decisions as to their course of action. Thus far, a majority of my Reiki treatments are to individuals who have lost their ability to function due to an emotional upset. Hurts inflicted by loved ones rank high on the list for producing an emotional paralysis. The individual is so gripped with emotion that they cannot even secure medical or psychological assistance. I am still in awe as to the power of Reiki to bring peace to where there was once chaos.

         "As Anna continued her studies, she offered to “send me energy” through space, soul to soul.  I accepted her offer, not really knowing what to expect.  I was in the midst of a crisis at the time, and felt that anything anyone tried do to help me would not hurt me, but would probably not help me either.  But when Anna  sent me her Reiki “energy”, I actually felt the energy she was sending.  And that energy helped me.
Gerald P. Emple

Reiki Energy Distance Healing Treatments

The beauty of Reiki distance healing is it's practicality and it's power. As a trained scientist, I can understand the need to have more than anecdotal evidence. Only after I experienced the power of Reiki first hand did I truly believe in it's authentic power.

Reiki, Energy & Scientific Evidence

For those of you who would like to seek out some data, I can direct you to some scientific evidence. Distance Reiki is energy directed like a powerful  prayer. By "prayer" I am speaking of directing your energy rather than asking for divine favors. Dr. Larry Dossey has documented scientific studies on the power of prayer. Before Dr. Dossey's early book, "Healing Words" was published in 1993, only three U.S. medical schools had courses exploring the role of prayer in health. Currently, nearly fifty medical schools offer such courses. The bulk of them use Dr. Dossey's books as the textbooks for the courses. References are made to controlled double-blind  experiments with unknowing groups of human patients. The results demonstrated the undeniable power of prayer.

A second set of experiments that can be researched were those conducted by Bruce and John Klingbeil, the founders of Spindrift. Their experiments on prayer utilized simple organisms instead of humans. The choice of less complex subjects reduced the variables inherent in human studies. As expected, prayer significantly affected the germination of seeds as well as vitality of various lower organisms such as yeast and molds.

As a certified and experienced Reiki Master/Teacher, I am offering you the opportunity to receive Reiki energy as either a preventative or healing intervention. The weeks of Reiki distance energy sessions required varies from individual to individual. I have observed that major life changes and physical healings may take time. On occasion, illnesses which are being forced from the body actually get worse before they get better. It is important to drink large quantities of water and continue with  prescribed medical/psychological medications and recommendations.

Reiki should not be used as a substitute for medical care.
 It should compliment professional medical/psychological care.

Present Distance Energy Reiki Services

Reiki Short Term Intensive Sessions

Single Event Treatment 
examples: specific one day event, present emotional crisis, 
       audition,  surgery,  presentation, past trauma, exam etc

Fourteen-Day Treatment
examples: a single recipient such as self, other individual,  pet,
       child,  situation, business/personal relationships, location clearing etc

Thirty-Day Treatment  
examples: general well being, a situation,
       business/personal relationships, etc

Reiki Weekly Subscriptions

1 Day a Week
A once a week session would be suitable for the individual who would like a balancing boost during a typical week. This person is pretty happy with their life. They are healthy and usually well centered. The once a week plan can serve as a  preventative therapy.

  3 Days a Week
         A 3 days a week plan would best serve an individual who was generally well centered, but has a few days a week in which they feel somewhat out of control. They might suffer with medical conditions which are manageable, however capable of manifesting more serious problems down the road..

  7 Days a Week
A 7 days a week plan should be considered if someone is going through some seriously difficult times. Be it emotional, physical or spiritual difficulties, Reiki energy makes whatever you are going through much  easier. A calm peaceful disposition is much more conducive to healing rather than sitting in a the stress. 

Reiki Distance Energy Healing Session Rates

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