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In an effort to support myself and my family, I have decided to do what I love, rather than work at a job that I would find far less rewarding. I love Reiki and decided that my skills and experience should be available for people around the world in return for income for myself and my family. The only way to be seen and noticed is the internet. A great deal of training, time, effort and money continues to be spent to make this site available. It is my intention that by offering a free Reiki session, not only will good be done, but  that the Reiki winners would spread the word that indeed I do follow through in sending the Reiki energy...thus deserving your trust. By generating income, this website will allow me to continue providing this service and keep myself out of far less desirable employment. Because this site exists, many individuals who are in serious financial need, have received free Reiki treatments. Those individuals who are serious about receiving help and able to pay for my services will allow this valuable service to be available. Without them, this site would have come down. All work needs to be compensated...even good work. 

As an introductory complimentary gesture, I will randomly select one request per month and "send" Reiki distance energy healing to the individual/situation/business for a week. The randomly selected  individual requesting the Reiki distance energy healing will be notified via e-mail if they were selected for the complimentary treatment. Please fill out the appropriate fields below.

           Reiki is a wonderful complimentary treatment to mainstream medicine and psychological care.
 Continue all medical, psychological and other supportive services.

Person requesting the Reiki Distance Energy Healing Treatment.

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Please check your information for typographical errors. It is my link to you should you be randomly selected for the complimentary treatment.

Recipient Information

Optional: Briefly describe who or what is receiving Reiki distance healing and for what purpose. As always, the energy will be divinely directed to the highest good. It is incapable of less.

Distance Healing - Reiki remote healing

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Before clicking on "Submit",  PLEASE check over the data you entered.
It is important that I am able to contact you if you are the recipient of the complimentary Reiki energy treatment.